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Did you know that some years we do a big, happy Yearbook? We do!! And this year, we shall do another one. But what we need are pictures…oh yes…happy shots of your happy players. Pictures, pictures, pictures.

Send us your photos! Send them to:

Cellphone pics are fine…and AS important, send us the NAMES of the players in the photos.


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May 3 for Make-up Photos

Posted by Pasadena Southwest Little League at Apr 25, 2014 8:48AM PDT

Greetings…Did your team MISS the team photo? Did your player MISS the individual photo? May 3 then is YOUR day!

A link at the top of our website has the info for the May 3 make-up photo schedule…i’ve also pasted the link below.

Peace Always,

Your Friendly Neighborhood PSWLL

On Saturday at the Rose Bowl there will be an Autism Speaks Walk fundraiser beginning at 8:00 a.m. All three games are still ON as scheduled, but parking will be challenging.

Families — plan to leave plenty of time to get the players to the game.

More info:


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AWOL Pitching Machine

Posted by Pasadena Southwest Little League at Apr 21, 2014 9:06AM PDT

Hi — between Saturday eve and early Sunday morning, the JUGS pitching machine from the batting cage at Allendale was stolen. The League has filed a police report. The batting cage was compromised, and the machine was taken.

If you have any information (or happen to see on CraigsList a used JUGS pitching machine for sale in the Los Angeles area), please contact our League President, David Mathias —

On a related note regarding the batting cage — although that evening the cage was ‘locked’, we have noticed the cage being unlocked a few times over the past month (and even THIS MORNINGMONDAY — the cage was unlocked…).

If you are at the cage with your team, and the team is done in the cage, simply lock the cage even if you know another team is coming. All Coaches have the combination, so its easy for us to just unlock the cage when we need it, and lock it when we are done. Treat the cage as you would your front door…when done, lock it up.

Thanks folks….


This year, PSWLL wants you to leave your wallets and purses and kangaroo pockets at home, and embrace the Snack Stand Punch Card…

What say ye?!! Punch Card? Is that a French mime troupe? Is it a friend of Cha-ka who led Rick Marshall to the lost city to help find Will and Holly?

Here’s the deal — you buy a punch card for $20 at the Snack Shack — and we place your family name on the card. The card is kept at the Snack Stand.

Now, my friend Jim already has one (shhhh…his last name is secret). Anyway, Jim’s son decides to grab a hotdog…old Jim just tells his son, “Son, grab your ‘dog’ and pay for it using the punch card — just use our last name.” Jim’s son is now happy, and Jim didn’t have to dig into his money-clip.

Punch cards are now for sale!

The cost/value of the card is $20 cash (paid at the Snack Shack), and the card has increments of 25¢, 50¢ and $1. As you or your players buy products, we ‘punch’ off the amount on the card until its done.

Punch as you go and leave your wallet/purse/manbag/murse/pocketbook at home!

Punch cards are valid for the 2014 regular season only….and, when the season ends (meaning the day after closing day…June 1), the cards will disappear…no refunds.