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Honoring the game goes to the “ROOTS” of positive play.

R . . . Rules … Don’t bend the rules to win.

O . . . Opponents … A worthy opponent is a gift that forces us to play to our highest potential.

O . . . Officials … We treat officials with respect even when we disagree.

T . . . Teammates … We never do anything that would embarrass our team on or off the field.

S . . . Self … We live up to our own standards regardless of what others do.


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We Honor the Game Here

Competitors are leaders who make themselves, and their teammates, better by focusing on the “ELM” tree.

E. . . EFFORT … do your best every time!

L . . . LEARNING … constantly look to improve!

M. . . MISTAKES ARE OK … focus on how you deal with them!

Another chance for a great discount!! Play It Again Sports is giving all of our players, coaches, and families a 10% discount (exclusions apply) off their total purchase — all season long!

Get your final gear, and we will see you on the field!

Bat sale announcement made on March 2, 2017

Snack Stand Punch Cards

Posted by Pasadena Southwest Little League at Mar 20, 2015 11:09AM PDT

Snack stand punch cards now available at the snack stand.


Thanks to donations from PSWLL families, past and present, the league now has a new LED scoreboard. Pictured here at the scoreboard unveiling, L to R: Rick Caldwell (Little League District 17 Administrator), Donna DeFazio (2002-2003 President), Mark Freeark (2013 President), Brian Karadizian (Assisting Field Coordinator), Kenneth James (Recreation Supervisor, City of Pasadena), Bill Marelich (Current President), Kevin Hurley (Field Coordinator, 2012 President), David Mathias (2014 President), Mark Snashall (Chelsea Construction), Eric Chadwick (Communication Coordinator), Robert Montano (City of Pasadena Business Concierge, Project Manager, Business/Retail Districts), Dave Grable (Current Vice President), Mike Gunter (Player Agent)