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See….we said there would be a player parade, and there IS!!

Please read this if you have purchased tickets for June 1. If you are still interested in going, please click here to buy tickets!!
From the Dodgers…for the June 1 Game

Youth Softball & Baseball Group Leaders,

I hope all is well and that everyone is excited for Sunday’s game and please keep in mind that it is a 5:07pm start time. I encourage you to take the time to read a few pieces of key information that you should relay to the parents of your respective leagues.

Please note this will be one of our largest parades of the year. In order for the kids to have the most enjoyable experience- communication to parents is key. Please relay the content of this email to the rest of the group

-Gates will open at 2:30pm.

-Our parking guidelines have changed. We recommend you purchase parking in advance. To purchase advanced parking at a discounted rate, view freeway routes and parking maps at GA Parking is $10 in advance, $15 at the gate. Bus parking is $35 in advance, $50 at the gate. You can also park in Lots 13 and 14* for $5 in advance $15 at the gate. *there is an uphill walk from these lots, but it is an easy entrance and exit before and after games. Keep in mind for those choosing to park in Lots 13 to 14, it is about a 25 minute walk to the center field check in table.

Parade Info:

-Starting at 3:00pm teams can meet in the Lot G center field parking lot and the parade will begin shortly thereafter. Please keep in mind that if your team arrives later than 3:50 pm it is not guaranteed they will be able to parade.

-If you would like your whole district, league or team to parade all together, please coordinate a pre-game meeting spot and bring a designated league sign.

-We are starting the parade as early as possible on this date to ensure each baseball and softball player will have the opportunity to get the Kids Batting Helmet giveaway. So directly after the parade please have the kids and coaches go to their respective gates. Here they will have their tickets scanned and receive the giveaway item upon entry.

-The parade is for players and up to 4 coaches per team ONLY. All other parents and siblings should go to their seats. We have limited time to parade and want to make sure the players get to fully enjoy the experience.

-Players must wear their team issued uniforms or jerseys to participate in parade.

- Coaches must wear uniform jerseys and/or team hat to participate in parade.

The following items are not allowed on the field during the parade:
- Autographs

- bags, gloves, balls or bats

- stopping to take pictures

- food and beverage

- adults (outside of coaches in uniform)- we have a limited amount of time to parade- parents, siblings, and friends must watch from their seats.

We’d like to remind you to have your kids wear their team t-shirt and hat (to help shield the sun), wear sunscreen, and have fun!

From League President David Mathias…

Last night the Dodgers won the Majors’ playoffs 4-2 over the Angels, and will be heading to the District 17 Tournament of Champions.
They will be playing on June 7th at 11:30 at East Altadena’s Field at Longfellow School, and will be playing West Altadena.

Also, congratulations to the Majors’ RedSox again on winning the regular season with best record, and good luck at the City Tournament. They will be playing on June 7th at 2:00 at Arcadia National’s Longden Field (home of the Blue Monster!), and will be playing Pasadena Central.

And finally, congratulations to both the Angels and Twins on a great season full of competitive games, tough coaching and most importantly a lot of fun.

-President David Mathias

Quick correction…6:15pm start time

Oh my…though we still have tickets, they are going fast! $23 bucks each, a player parade on the field…and we all sit together as a group…a block if you will…a tiny PSWLL neighborhood.

Click the above link for more info and to get YOUR tickets…sit with your friends. Make new friends. Walk on the FIELD!


Its big…so big, we need many humans to lift it…and llamas!! Its Playoffs…elimination in some cases…yes, a sad time for some, yet for others, its more playoff games…

First off…CONGRATS to the Majors’ RedSox team, and the AAA Giants team…both have automatically clinched a Tournament birth in June given they won their respective Divisions with best records.

Now…for the Playoffs!! Both the Majors’ and AAA are playing for additional Tournament births…and AA gets bragging rights for at least a year!
Monday at 6:15pm — For Majors, will the Twins prevail and head to the Championship game Thursday, or will the mighty Angels rise above on halos and fly into the Championship game? Who will hit a home run? It won’t be me…i’m too old to play!!
Tuesday at 4:45pm — who will form a happy dance line — the AA Tigers or Cardinals?

Tuesday at 7pm — no elimination for this game…but come see the AAA Astros and Cubs rumble in the moonlight.

Wednesday at 4:45pm — will the AA Yankees celebrate a win, or will it be Giants.

Wednesday at 7pm — will the AAA Dodgers drive a “Thing” around Old Town to celebrate, or will it be the Giants rolling down Colorado?

Thursday at 5:30 — the Majors’ Dodgers are sitting like…like…like a metaphor I can’t think of now…waiting for their opponent for the Championship Game.

Friday — at 5pm an undetermined AAA Playoff game is waiting…its suspense!!

Come one…come all…its baseball at Allendale…its hotdogs…its laughter…its suspense!!!