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PSWLL Tryouts - January 11th

Posted by Pasadena Southwest Little League at Dec 27, 2013 2:44PM PST

Greetings…Tryouts are Saturday, January 11th at Polytechnic School (Poly) — 1030 E. California Blvd. Allendale Field is currently being reseeded. There will be make-up tryouts Monday the 13th and Tuesday the 14th (location TBD).

8:30am to 10:00am: 12 year olds
10:00am to 11:30am: 11 year olds
11:30am to 1:00pm: 10 year olds
1:00pm to 2:30pm: 9 year olds
2:30pm to 3:15pm: 8 year olds
3:15pm to 4:00pm: 6-7 year olds

NOTE 1: Those signing up for T-Ball do NOT tryout.

NOTE 2: “IF” you haven’t signed-up yet, please do! It helps us project how many teams we will need. You can now just “Register” your player and pay later:

NOTE 3: Want to use a credit-card (Paypal or Visa) to register and pay:

We are still trying to arrange a ‘clinic’ for Jan. 4th. Stay tuned.

That’s right…even in the holiday season, we are working to make our League one of the best!

At we have added a new registration form for those of you who do not wish to pay by credit card (see the tab at the top of the website that reads “No Credit-Card Option”). Its that easy! Fill it out, and your player is registered…then send in your payment.

PLEASE take a look at our website weekly for updates…tryout times for January 11th will be posted soon (Tee Ball folks won’t tryout by the way).

Greetings — is YOUR site for info about Little League — here are coming events.

1) January 4th we MAY have a player clinic to get the dust off the glove and bat. Location to be determined as Allendale may be getting new grass seed. Please check here for updates.

2) IMPORTANT!! Tryouts are January 11th starting approximately 9am. Please mark your calendar. Earlier times are for Majors and AAA, while later morning times will be for AA and T-ball.

Player residency and age verification will continue at both events.

Know someone who wants to play?? — registration will remain open through January 11th.

Questions? Email League President David Mathias

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School-Based Residency Option

Posted by Pasadena Southwest Little League at Dec 12, 2013 11:37AM PST

IF you don’t live in PSWLL boundaries, but the PLAYER’S school is in our boundaries, the child can play for PSWLL. That would include schools such as Mayfield, Poly, Westridge, and McKinley. Please sign-up (see 2014 Registration Link) then come by residency verification this Saturday Dec. 14 (see previous Announcement). For School-based Residency you will need ONE of the following:

1. Official/Certified School enrollment record
2. School issued report card or performance record
3. A Little League issued school attendance form completed by the principal, assistant principal or administrator

Also, please bring a copy of the Player birth certificate to verify age. Questions? President David Mathias is at your service!

Greetings!! We have our SECOND Residency Verification this SATURDAY at Allendale Field from 9am till Noon. If you haven’t verified yet but signed-up, we do need to verify residency. If you haven’t signed up yet, consider doing it now then come by Saturday morning to verify:

NOTE: for new Players to our League or those who have taken a full year off, please also bring a copy of a birth certificate to verify player age (especially 11-12 year olds).

For Residency — here’s what you need to bring: Residence shall be established and supported by documents, dated or in force between February 1, 2013 (previous year) and February 1, 2014 (current year), from THREE OR MORE of the following categories to determine residency of such parent(s) or guardian:

Driver’s License
Voter’s Registration
School records
Welfare/child care records
Federal records
State records
Local (municipal) records
Support payment records
Homeowner or tenant records
Utility bills (i.e., gas, electric, water/sewer, phone, mobile phone, heating, waste disposal)
Financial (loan, credit, investments, etc.) records
Insurance documents
Medical records
Military records
Internet, cable or satellite records
Vehicle records
Employment records

NOTE: Example – Three utility bills (three items from No. 10 above) constitute only ONE document.

Questions? Contact PSWLL President David Mathias