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Its big…so big, we need many humans to lift it…and llamas!! Its Playoffs…elimination in some cases…yes, a sad time for some, yet for others, its more playoff games…

First off…CONGRATS to the Majors’ RedSox team, and the AAA Giants team…both have automatically clinched a Tournament birth in June given they won their respective Divisions with best records.

Now…for the Playoffs!! Both the Majors’ and AAA are playing for additional Tournament births…and AA gets bragging rights for at least a year!
Monday at 6:15pm — For Majors, will the Twins prevail and head to the Championship game Thursday, or will the mighty Angels rise above on halos and fly into the Championship game? Who will hit a home run? It won’t be me…i’m too old to play!!
Tuesday at 4:45pm — who will form a happy dance line — the AA Tigers or Cardinals?

Tuesday at 7pm — no elimination for this game…but come see the AAA Astros and Cubs rumble in the moonlight.

Wednesday at 4:45pm — will the AA Yankees celebrate a win, or will it be Giants.

Wednesday at 7pm — will the AAA Dodgers drive a “Thing” around Old Town to celebrate, or will it be the Giants rolling down Colorado?

Thursday at 5:30 — the Majors’ Dodgers are sitting like…like…like a metaphor I can’t think of now…waiting for their opponent for the Championship Game.

Friday — at 5pm an undetermined AAA Playoff game is waiting…its suspense!!

Come one…come all…its baseball at Allendale…its hotdogs…its laughter…its suspense!!!


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AA Playoffs at Brookside!

Posted by Pasadena Southwest Little League at May 16, 2014 5:03PM PDT

PSWLL’s AA Playoffs start Saturday as well…at Brookside…

9:00 a.m. Team 7 (Indians) vs Team 2 (Cardinals)
11:15 a.m. Team 6 (Athletics) vs Team 3 (Tigers)
1:30 p.m. Team 5 (Giants) vs Team 4 (Angels)

If your player currently is doing teeball, the AA games are a great way to see the next level.

A lot going on tomorrow…whether at Allendale for the Majors and AAA, or Brookside for AA.

Enjoy Life, and PWSWLL more often!


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Big Playoffs all Saturday

Posted by Pasadena Southwest Little League at May 16, 2014 11:49AM PDT

Folks…PSWLL is all about Playoffs, and tomorrow has 4 big games…2 Majors and 2 AAA games…all at Allendale.

Majors’ Playoff Game 3 – Angels @ RedSox

Majors’ Playoff Game 4: Twins @ Dodgers

AAA Playoff 1 (Astros @ Giants)

AAA Playoff 2 (Cubs @ Dodgers)

AA Games are also going on at Brookside…
Speaking about Baseball….

PSWLL goes to the Dodger game June 1 (click here for tickets):

And…coming by early next week..the Summer Ball Registration Flyer!!…

Ringo says..“Peace and Love, Peace and Love”…and we do too!


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Playoffs Start Today!!

Posted by Pasadena Southwest Little League at May 13, 2014 11:57AM PDT

Greetings…like winged monkeys foraging for fruit, playoffs start today..check our Allendale Calendar on for the slew of games and times.

Today – Tuesday: Allendale — AAA Minors has 2 games (around 5 and 7:15pm start times)…these 2 games are single-elimination…winners move on to the AAA double-elimination games later in the week.

Wednesday: Allendale — Majors has 2 games (around 5 and 7:15pm start times). Majors games are all double-elimination…teams will play again on Saturday. Also on WED, someone will be firing up the grill to cook burgers along with hotdogs…come and feed your inner child. Feed your player as well. And the Slushi machine is working! Oh, Slushi machine…you are my dream!!!

AA playoffs start this weekend at Brookside.

Playoffs for PSWLL are fun, fun, fun!

BTW…we have TICKETS for PSWLL @ Dodger Stadium on June 1 waiting for your happy purchase…click here for the Info!


Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and we hope all the Moms out there enjoyed a wonderful day of pampering — you deserve it! Thank you for everything you do for the league, and for helping all the kids of the league grow-up to be awesome individuals with great character.

-President David Mathias and the whole PSWLL Board