Massive Playoff Madness this week @ Allendale!!

Posted by Pasadena Southwest Little League on May 18 2014 at 11:05PM PDT in Spring 2014

Its big…so big, we need many humans to lift it…and llamas!! Its Playoffs…elimination in some cases…yes, a sad time for some, yet for others, its more playoff games…

First off…CONGRATS to the Majors’ RedSox team, and the AAA Giants team…both have automatically clinched a Tournament birth in June given they won their respective Divisions with best records.

Now…for the Playoffs!! Both the Majors’ and AAA are playing for additional Tournament births…and AA gets bragging rights for at least a year!
Monday at 6:15pm — For Majors, will the Twins prevail and head to the Championship game Thursday, or will the mighty Angels rise above on halos and fly into the Championship game? Who will hit a home run? It won’t be me…i’m too old to play!!
Tuesday at 4:45pm — who will form a happy dance line — the AA Tigers or Cardinals?

Tuesday at 7pm — no elimination for this game…but come see the AAA Astros and Cubs rumble in the moonlight.

Wednesday at 4:45pm — will the AA Yankees celebrate a win, or will it be Giants.

Wednesday at 7pm — will the AAA Dodgers drive a “Thing” around Old Town to celebrate, or will it be the Giants rolling down Colorado?

Thursday at 5:30 — the Majors’ Dodgers are sitting like…like…like a metaphor I can’t think of now…waiting for their opponent for the Championship Game.

Friday — at 5pm an undetermined AAA Playoff game is waiting…its suspense!!

Come one…come all…its baseball at Allendale…its hotdogs…its laughter…its suspense!!!