Playoffs Start Today!!

Posted by Pasadena Southwest Little League on May 13 2014 at 11:57AM PDT in Spring 2014

Greetings…like winged monkeys foraging for fruit, playoffs start today..check our Allendale Calendar on for the slew of games and times.

Today – Tuesday: Allendale — AAA Minors has 2 games (around 5 and 7:15pm start times)…these 2 games are single-elimination…winners move on to the AAA double-elimination games later in the week.

Wednesday: Allendale — Majors has 2 games (around 5 and 7:15pm start times). Majors games are all double-elimination…teams will play again on Saturday. Also on WED, someone will be firing up the grill to cook burgers along with hotdogs…come and feed your inner child. Feed your player as well. And the Slushi machine is working! Oh, Slushi machine…you are my dream!!!

AA playoffs start this weekend at Brookside.

Playoffs for PSWLL are fun, fun, fun!

BTW…we have TICKETS for PSWLL @ Dodger Stadium on June 1 waiting for your happy purchase…click here for the Info!