AWOL Pitching Machine

Posted by Pasadena Southwest Little League on Apr 21 2014 at 09:06AM PDT in Spring 2014

Hi — between Saturday eve and early Sunday morning, the JUGS pitching machine from the batting cage at Allendale was stolen. The League has filed a police report. The batting cage was compromised, and the machine was taken.

If you have any information (or happen to see on CraigsList a used JUGS pitching machine for sale in the Los Angeles area), please contact our League President, David Mathias —

On a related note regarding the batting cage — although that evening the cage was ‘locked’, we have noticed the cage being unlocked a few times over the past month (and even THIS MORNINGMONDAY — the cage was unlocked…).

If you are at the cage with your team, and the team is done in the cage, simply lock the cage even if you know another team is coming. All Coaches have the combination, so its easy for us to just unlock the cage when we need it, and lock it when we are done. Treat the cage as you would your front door…when done, lock it up.

Thanks folks….