Snack Stand Punch Cards? Say YES!

Posted by Pasadena Southwest Little League on Apr 10 2014 at 11:32AM PDT in Spring 2014

This year, PSWLL wants you to leave your wallets and purses and kangaroo pockets at home, and embrace the Snack Stand Punch Card…

What say ye?!! Punch Card? Is that a French mime troupe? Is it a friend of Cha-ka who led Rick Marshall to the lost city to help find Will and Holly?

Here’s the deal — you buy a punch card for $20 at the Snack Shack — and we place your family name on the card. The card is kept at the Snack Stand.

Now, my friend Jim already has one (shhhh…his last name is secret). Anyway, Jim’s son decides to grab a hotdog…old Jim just tells his son, “Son, grab your ‘dog’ and pay for it using the punch card — just use our last name.” Jim’s son is now happy, and Jim didn’t have to dig into his money-clip.

Punch cards are now for sale!

The cost/value of the card is $20 cash (paid at the Snack Shack), and the card has increments of 25¢, 50¢ and $1. As you or your players buy products, we ‘punch’ off the amount on the card until its done.

Punch as you go and leave your wallet/purse/manbag/murse/pocketbook at home!

Punch cards are valid for the 2014 regular season only….and, when the season ends (meaning the day after closing day…June 1), the cards will disappear…no refunds.