Gentle Reminder on Fan Conduct

Posted by Pasadena Southwest Little League on Mar 21 2014 at 05:03PM PDT in Spring 2014

Hi Gang – just a gentle reminder that its GREAT to root for your players — “Go Johnny!!” — but please don’t root out loud against the other team “Booooo Reds”.

More importantly, did you know that the players at bat at Allendale can HEAR both sets of fans? Yup. Did you also know that a negative comment by a fan in the past few weeks led a young batter to tears? Yup. Its stressful out there folks…pressure is on some of these players…positive comments “Hey…great swing” are appreciated.

Let’s be positive when we can, and respectful. Its the Little League way…its the PSWLL way. If someone next to you is saying something negative…gently remind them to be positive.

Baseball rocks…let’s keep it fun and happy!